About Us

Commitment to Sustainability 

Arising from the desire to teach her children to care for the environment and honor the natural resources that surround us, Alex Rhett introduces us to Sandcastle Tales, a mother-owned project that seeks to provide parents with products that encourage and develop kids' power of imagination, creativity, and love for our oceans. 

After five years of sourcing eco-friendly, sustainable brands, Sandcastle Tales has built a team that cares for the environment and the social impact of the children's toys and clothing industries. Sandcastle Tales caters to conscious consumers who care about the materials and the processes used for making the clothes they wear and how these affect the environment and the people who make the clothing. Sandcastle Tales features sustainable children's brands made from resources such as organic cotton fiber and reclaimed and recycled materials.  

At Sandcastle Tales we foster fantastic books toys, wearables, and crafts. We invite you to explore Sandcastle Tales:  Where Imagination, Creativity, and Care Reign!